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Butterfly Flowers

I wrote this a few years ago but I think it makes a nice welcome message for our entrance into 2012. ...Now it's three years past 2012 and I am updating again.

We live in a beautiful world. There are trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, flowers, fields and streams. We have created towns and cities and states and countries for our living space. We built houses, cultivated gardens and made stores and shopping centers to buy the things we need. We have cars, boats, airplanes, trains and busses to get where we want to go. We have hospitals for the sick, schools for learning and preparing for vocations and churches to develop our spiritual side. We created clubs and special interest groups for sharing mutual activities. Sadly, we also created a judicial and crimminal incarceration and punishment system for those who won't share with others but infringe on others rights and safety. Even more sadly, we developed arms and weapons for protection from other countries who invade us to take away our freedom or resources, as well as to invade and take over others who have resources we want. This is the world community we are born into.

At some point in our lives, hopefully we will contemplate our position in this world community. It usually won't happen until we learn to take the focus of our attention off ourselves and look at individuals out there all over the world as the same as we are. We all live, breathe, eat, sleep and exercise. We all have talents, abilities and gifts to develop and share, work to accomplish and earn money from, and families, neighbors and friends to relate with. We all cry, laugh, sing and even curse at times. Each of us shares an equal quantity of emotions, feelings and thoughts as well as dreams, imaginations and visions. We all have the same needs for love, attention, acceptance and verification as to who and what we are. We all want to know that others see us, hear us and aknowledge us and we are good. We are a good creation and we have a right to be respected for that, mistakes and all.

Have you noticed that all of the above qualities I mentioned are in everyone? Whether we are male or female, whatever color we are, it doesn't matter what religion we are or where we work, how much money we have, how much education we acquired or what family we were born into. It doesn't matter if we are sitting in jail or if we are fixing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for kindergartners. It doen't matter if we are in a hospital with cancer or parachuting from an airplane just for fun, no matter if we have committed the worst crime against another or did the nicest little gesture for a friend, we all have the same attributes and needs as a human being. We hurt, we feel pain, we feel joy and we need love. Everyone does.

But you know, you can't tell sometimes just by looking at people what they are feeling. Everybody has their masks in place to hide all the sensitive stuff inside. Somewhere along the line we all got the notion that we have to let other people think we are just fine. We have it all under control. We want everyone to think we are: "just a nice, ordinary person who is basically friendly, smart enough to get by, work hard enough, have enough money, get along fairly fine with spouse and children. Kids are okay, we're as normal as everyone else. Maybe not spectacular like some, we don't save people out of burning buildings or feed hungry orphans but we're not in jail or on drugs. What happens when a person that everyone see's as normal as everyone else, suddenly looses it and commits suicide or does some other tragic, senseless thing? Everyone shakes their heads and can't understand how such a thing could have happened.

A human being is God's most amazing creation. We all are multi-faceted and complex in ways we haven't come close to understanding. We have intelligence, creativity, intuition, sacredness and an expansive capacity to love and to receive love. These are universal potentials, inherent in the very depth of everyone's being. Every one of us has this potential.

Jan 1, 2012 update for this article
We thought our world was changing into something new and wonderful. ...and it was and is, but in a different way than we thought it to be. We thought a great spiritual awakening would shift us into a new and higher dimension of life but now it seems that this is happening at a gradual pace.

July 28, 2015 Update - ... Now it is July of 2015 and I still haven't published this article! Three years ago some of us thought hopefully that the world would be very different by this time but it is not what we expected. . So many wars, more troubles, economic disasters and terror attacks have happened and everything seems to be in chaos.

However, a new dawn is rising and good things are moving forward. With the independent, powerful and free countries of China, Russia and Iran, new organizations have been developing and new plans being implemented. Brazil, Russia,India, China and South Africa are the nations which together form BRICS . The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the BRIC's New Development Bank (NDB), the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union), and the new Chinese-founded Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) are leading the way into a new world based on partnerships, co-operation and equality. China has a vision of "a future Eurasia knit together by a series of interlocking "new Silk Roads."

For detailed information about these events, read the 2015 - Reports - Archive and 2015 - Reports - Archive - Pg. 2. There is also a new report on my Home page 'Reports' section.

Exciting! What a time to be alive...to see this transition from war, genocide, and Imperialism - to the people finally being free upon the earth. The end is near of the domination by the wealthiest per cent of the world population, the mega-corporations and big banks who have been plundering the resources of practically all the countries in the world. This amazing paradigm shift that's taking place into peace and prosperity for all will take some time but it is happening now.

So here it is, this article finally made it online. I hope who ever reads this will thoughtfully re-evaluate their ideas and concepts of what is going on in the world. As diverse and unique as we all are, we are still one, and as such, we can reach an understanding of what we all need - to live peacefully and freely and share our common ground. God help all of us to find a way to help in this overwhelming endeavor and bless all those who are right now actively working so hard to make a new world with a bright future for all people of every nation, culture and creed.

Butterfly Flowers
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