Old Nature
New Nature

Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:11

Our old nature is dead in Christ because it was always a lie. Christ just revealed it for the lie it was. We wern't created to live dysfunctionally, it was Satan right from the first who injected his lies into the consciousness of Adam and Eve and they chose to believe them. The lie was that we could have another life other than the one God created for us, a life based on our own knowledge and interpretation rather than already having everything we need in his fullness and wisdom.

Our new nature is our Christ consciousness which re-instates that fullness of God which was rejected for Satan's lie. The lie dissolves when truth is realized. As our mind is renewed the lie dies. Once the lie of our old nature is dead by the renewing of our mind in truth, Satan will still try to maintain his control of us with the lie that we have to worry about the old nature's return. Not so. When the truth destroys a lie, the lie has lost its power. The old nature has lost its power and thus is dead as the truth becomes alive in our life. Therefore, if our thoughts are causing us trouble, it is not from our old nature because it is dead.

If our thoughts are causing us trouble it is certainly not from our Christ nature because Jesus came to give life in abundance. It is always caused by Satan because he comes to steal, kill and destroy. Since our Christ nature is based on truth, we have a sound mind with clarity in our thinking processes. Not so with Satan's lies. He fogs and confuses us to try to get us to believe what we know isn't true.

Our thoughts create our feelings and emotions. There's nothing wrong with our emotions or our feelings, either mental or physical. But when we are having troublesome thoughts, these thoughts can cause our emotions and feelings to make us do things to harm ourselves or others.This can't be our new Christ nature or our old dead nature as stated already. It can only be Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy.

When our thoughts are coming from our new nature, they are filled with life in abundance because that's what Jesus came for.They will cause us to be filled with that abundance of life in our feelings and emotions and we will want to do things to share that life with others.

So, when we are tempted with things that make us feel bad and that could cause harm to others rather than abundant life, it is not us in any way at all but Satan coming to steal, kill and destroy, every time.

When we live our lives seeing ourselves and others as the righteousness of Christ rather than fearfully waiting for our old natures to erupt again, we can have the peace we need to live restfully as well as vibrantly and vulnerably in God's love. "He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God" Micah 6:8, Old Testament.

Whenever we see something problematic, we go right to the source of it, Satan. We never look at the individual Satan is harassing except with compassion. We have the solution living within us, Christ our hope of glory. We pray for love and truth to enter that person and as we release our love which is from God to reveal the truth, the lies are dissolved. We can rest as the process takes place, reaffirming the prayers as our heart leads us. If someone is doing very bad things to hurt others, the love sent will have a burning effect to bring them to repentence. Always sending love will give the receipient exactly what they need, every time. Sending love only, all the time, sets us free and lets our heart rest in quietness. We won't be stressed or frustrated or angry at others but we know they are in God's hands and what ever happens will work for good in their lives as well as anyone else involved.

If we feel negative emotions or feelings because of someone's actions, we won't judge ourselves or them but realize immediately it is Satan trying to entrap us into his lies. We surrender the emotional responses caused by the lies into God's love and see and feel them being replaced with truth. We don't try to create some spiritual or psychological scenario or try to escape the painful feelings or replace them with what we think would be better. Inside our mind, we just let them play out quietly and flow into God's love. We let them dissolve as truth comes in. Then, in an atmosphere of healing and love, we can discuss the problems and work things out without explosive emotions or accusations.

We don't need to be afraid of God's love and whatever it directs us to do. We leave the outcome in God's hands. If we find ourselves fighting a battle, it is because we've gotten ourselves caught up in Satan's ploys. We should not listen to his words or get into contemplating them in any way. He will try to make us feel rejected, insufficient or unworthy. He will try to make us believe the lie that it is an 'old nature' in us that causes us all the trouble, thus re-directing the guilt that is his at us or someone we can blame thus keeping himself hidden in the shadows.

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