The Love Frequency

We can become the expression of God's love when we learn that our emotional feelings are not the true responses of our heart.

Our emotional responses are the expressions of behavior patterns and addictions to certain combinations of words, images and feelings. Whenever an event, sound or person, etc. triggers a pattern from any experience (or trauma or drama) from our past, we hear familiar words in our mind which evoke certain reciprocal emotions. This in turn usually causes us to act in a familiar way to whatever is going on now. Most psychologists say this is our unconscious or subconscious mind and the foundation of our belief system. However, to put it more simply and take the mystery out of it, it is actually just words and sentences from past experiences that trigger emotional responses that we have gotten into a habit of repeating to ourselves when similiar situations happen to us. That's all.

If we have learned to control what thoughts we allow into our mind and let the corresponding emotions play out and dissolve without the accompanying words activating them, we can actually make a new choice on how to respond. We can break habitual patterns this way.

When this happens, we no longer are prisoner to the turmoil of thoughts and emotions. We can become centered and consciously focused in the heart chakra where we receive God's love. When we bypass the mind and emotions in choosing how to respond, and instead rest our conscious awareness in our heart area, we will know how to respond in a true, and heartfelt way. This nullifies the unconscious sabotage of our good intentions and allows the good outcome possiblties to happen.

Practice focusing your conscious awareness in your heart chakra area in your chest. You will soon see that unwanted words (or images) will slow way down and your emotions won't be stirred up. Peacefulness follows and actions will be pleasantly agreeable.

This also puts an end to the incessent judging, comparing and categorization and subsequent rejection or acceptance of others according to whether we think they are acceptable or not; which is what happens when we only interpret things from the three dimensional viewpoint.

Living and breathing within the heart chakra allows us to respond naturally in a loving way to everything because we won't have the vibration in our energy field any longer that attracts the lower energy emotional stuff. As we get used to focusing our conscious awareness in the heart and following our inner direction from there, soon we won't have to monitor our thoughts so much and intentionally release our emotional responses anymore. We have these wonderful "built in" switches that open doors for us, one by one into higher energy plateaus of unconditional love and a balanced way of life.

These switches in our DNA are something every one of us is born with but the low energy programs of this world keep them buried and inactive. Letting go of judgments, criticism, control and blame is the way to 'flip the switch' to the peace, acceptance and quietness of mind that is the end result of being in the 'frequency of love' .

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