It is the life in the energy field that is in all living things. It is the life in us that is in the things we create.

If I create a chair, my energy goes into that chair and brings it to life and it performs its function as a chair.

I honor the tree that gave its wood for me to cut and carve to make the chair. The energy of the living tree is still in the chair. I invited it in when I chose it for the construction but its energy is not in the chair, only in the wood. My energy makes it a chair.

Everything we use to create something has its own life energy that is eternal, even if its elements dissolve into the earth, it is still alive. The template of it still exists in the universal energy field. Nothing ever dies, it just changes form.

How much feeling or honor I put into my work affects what I create. When I create the chair, it is honored by my attitude and respect for it.

If I buy a chair that was manufactured with plastics and other artificial elements that no one cared about, the elements become dormant once they leave their original chemical state and are manipulated to be made into the chair. If I am attracted to the chair and make it a part of my home decor with feeling and appreciate it, the chair comes alive because of my energy and all of the original chemical elements awaken from their dormant state and come alive in the chair.

If I don't care about anything that was made by humans, its elements remain dormant once it leaves its original environment. It is the human being that creates life in inanimate objects and keeps that life going. When the human stops caring the objects elements become dormant.

Sadly, the society we have created is a 'throw away' society filled with trash landfills because honor and respect have disappeared from the creation of the objects we use in our lives. We are never satisfied and always want something else. What we have is not good enough.

When these dormant elements go back into the earth and their spirit returns to the energy field with the dishonor of being tossed into a garbage heap, it creates more negative energy in our lives. More harm to us through negative weather patterns as the earth tries to follow the laws of nature into receiving the unbalanced and dulled elements back into her soil, water and air.

We have a message from childrens fairy tales about this but we ignore these messages as silly childrens stories. All of the animated objects like 'the brave little toaster' and the 'teapot' in 'the beauty and the beast'. All children have the favorite 'teddy bear' they feel secure with at night and can't go to sleep unless they have it near. Even adults have their favorites, what about the favorite 'golf club' or 'lucky hat' you can't play basball without? All these things' elements are no longer dormant because someone honored them somehow and gave them life.

Things we call superstition like the 'lucky rabbits foot' or a special icon or symbol like a statue of the Buddha or a christian cross all fit in this category too. They are alive and emitting energy when they are honored by someone. Otherwise they are just a dormant piece of wood or metal or even plastic.

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