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I find that the most important things are what I experience myself; things that help me gain control and that change my energy from negative to positive.

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I aknowledge and rest in my own energy field, feeling myself breathing this energy and dissolving my physical and mental boundaries; feeling myself as this energy field, realizing and meditating on the healing love this energy field surrounds me with, knowing that I exist with all the aspects of me in all dimensions in this field and practicing this feeling and the consciousness of it.

When I rest my consciousness in my heart chakra area, I feel peaceful. I breath from my heart chakra and it raises my vibration and frequency.

I let my mind rest from words, thoughts and images. I don't respond to emotions but if a random thought causes an emotion, I let the emotion play out while not thinking anything about it. I don't let words, thoughts, images or emotions create a story and personalize it to myself. Then I can remove my focus from the physical dimension and, allow in and respond to, information from higher dimensional frequencies (like intuition) in my own energy field.

God's energy field is the ocean I dwell in, my protection, my information, my growth, my consciousness, my guide, my prosperity, my perfect health, and my power consisting of perfect, unconditional love and eternal life. It's all there personally for all of us if we surrender into it .

When I become aware of my own consciousness, I can then become aware of my own personal energy field. In that field is all of our happiness energy and the potential for realizing all of our dreams. When we can tap into that, our consciousness has shifted into new dimensions of life.

All of these wonderful dimensions are in our own energy field. So how do we share with someone? Our energy frequencies draw to us other people of like frequencies. When we connect with someone of the same energy, our consciousness' merge. If we are both mostly balanced in our own energy fields, we will flow with them in a beautifully creative way. This is the time for soul groups (people with the frequencies of the same types of missions) to become aware of each other and began to work together to create a better world.

When we connected with others because of negative emotional corelates and grew together by being emotional mirrors of each other, a lot of old patterns came up to show us that we had to let go of attitudes holding us back from sharing unconditional love. It is only through this unconditional love that people can truly unite.

The power of the twin soul relationships and the soul groups as they unite are strong enough to change the world and end the reign of the negative controllers forever and bring in a beautiful paradise to settle over our earth home like a spiritual mantle uplifting everything.

Many of us won't know it at first but as we grow into our own higher energy consciousness, we will awaken to the new paradise. As the negative energy dissapates, it will become easier for us to awaken and there will be many new light beings to help each other along the way.

It's time now to realize we are beings of power and light and slip out of the material mind-set. It's all there in our energy field and we can be aware of being this consciousness that encompasses all including God, our father/mother creator. When we become aware of living and breathing in this energy field of our consciousness, our frequencies change to a finer quality and we become .....HAPPY! We are all moving toward this and the more we allow it, the more aware we become. There are a lot of exciting and wonderful things ahead for us and the world is changing, even though it doesn't appear to be on the outside.

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