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Interesting Subjects like Love, Passion, Leaving the Mundane World, Negative Space, Commitment and Faith ©2006 ..... You can take this seriously..or not..I think I'm brave enough to say this is all true ...my life has been a road less traveled and I can truly say I don't belong in this world..I never have. I wish I could say that I've always followed my heart and lived freely but my life has been a struggle to go against the current of this mundane world's ways. My worst enemy has always been myself. I use the word 'mundane' because I remember it from Piers Anthony's 'Mundania' in the 'Xanth Series' and it just fits so well.

Update - August, 2013 - I wrote this article seven years ago and many of my thoughts and beliefs have changed since then. We are certainly creatures of change and I can honestly say that my ideas of this world and my place in it have definitely evolved. I'm beginning to feel at home here and am realizing that I am an eternal being with a firm foundation on planet Earth. It can be no other way. We are multi-dimensional beings and we eventually accept and merge with all the aspects of ourselves, never leaving any part behind. It is all for the transformation of our souls and we must have all to be complete.

When we learn to flow with the great river of life and accept the mundane as sacred and integral to our growth just as spirit is, we become integrated spiritually into the natural elements of earth. We are within all things and all things are contained within us and we all exist within God, the Creator. The mundane evolves into the mystical and no longer do we feel alienated from earth and all the life on it but we become a beautiful part of everything, even the dusty mundane and all its illusionary troubles. I am more mellowed now and am at peace with being part of the mundane, knowing it involves service to others and all living things including the living earth itself.

Respect others because they are like you, other human beings trying to navigate their way out of mundane lives with all their pain, disillusionment and frustrations. .

Life is for falling in love, for passion. When I am creating, I am enamored with it. I am in love with it. I can't get it out of my mind. I can't wait to get back to it when I have other things to do for awhile. Unless our endeavors are filled with our passion, we are only half-hearted about it. When we create because we have something exciting and important to tell the world with it, then it comes alive with our excitement. Otherwise what we bring forth is lukewarm and common.

It is up to me to let the passion guide me into what to do. It comes from my heart. What I feel, what I know is carrying the potential of something exciting, something that might open that other world I usually can't see because of my getting caught up in the mundane.

How can I exit the world of the common and enter the profound? If I follow my passion, if I adjust my eyes and perception and observe the negative space, I'll see something new. If I slip into the negative space I'll leave the familiar lines and enter another dimension. My love and security for the familiar lines can be ignored for a moment and a new vision can develop. It disrupts my tunnel vision, my normal thought patterns and opens a new place in the brain.

Faith is an all or nothing proposition. So is love, so is passion, so is commitment. Commitment should be to faith, love and passion. To avoid faith, love or passion is to close the door to creativity, growth and real life. On our journey, we confront ideas, feelings and opportunities for new experiences. These are our doorways to soul growth or spiritual growth. They always try our mundane mind and evoke fear. We fear to leave the security of our tried and true but tiring and worn-out lives.

I remember the joy and excitement of childhood, of playing outside past daylight. Of rolling in the cool green grass with the neighbor kids and chasing each other around sword fighting with sticks. We never expected anything from each other. We were caught up in the fun of it, playing with all we had, forgetting parents, going to bed, dessert, getting up in the morning for school, and all the rest of it. We were lost in the running,rolling,laughing and yelling. I was cold and sweaty from the night air and activity and it felt great.

Then as I got older, I begin to back off from extremes. I wore my jacket when I felt the cool night air, I sat in the shade instead of sweating in the hot sun. I ate if I felt a little hungry, slept if I were tired and marched along with everybody else to the higher grades where the newness and innocent joy of learning faded into rote study of boring facts. I heeded the words of my teachers as they extolled the path of least resistance and not making waves in the system. I worried about what everybody thought. I began to believe that the experts were right about what they told us about how to do and see and believe about everything. I bought into the mundane. I started worrying about what I looked like to others and didn't express myself with exuberance unless I was in safe places with family or close friends. I didn't even notice when the passion and excitement slipped out of my life. I think it happened around age thirteen or fourteen. Life became very tedious and depressing at that point somewhere.In my mind at least, I entered the world of the grown-ups and didn't even realize it. From then on I followed an unconscious leading into a rebellious conformity.

Conformity is the first weapon we're handed to kill our unruly and undisciplined passion. Eyes are watching me to see if I'm doing it like everybody else. If I'm not, they may think I'm weird or strange and worst of all, uncool. I won't fit in. People won't like me and they will talk about me. So the unconscious thoughts form into the dull-brained individual. I rebelled and thought it was better but even the rebellion was programmed by a disgruntled younger group in our society. So they even dictated to us how to rebel. We were supposed to toss away all the out-moded morals and dull our seething brains with drugs and alcohol. Oh yea, more death to passion, faith and love. Gratification without commitment is the second weapon that kills passion. The expression of free love was nothing more than a license to take anything we wanted with no commitments. The Hippies "free love" was death to "true love".

If the commitment is to faith, passion and love, we don't try to own or possess anyone or anything. We relax into faith and trust that God, powerful, beyond us has it all under control. Then when an opportunity opens for a new passion, we follow it uncaring what the mundane world thinks. If it is so wonderful we fall totally in love with it, we are not afraid to commit our whole being to it. Maybe it won't last, maybe it will, again, when we are commited to faith, we don't have to worry about endings. We live now, commiting our future to faith in God. Let things begin, let them end. When we follow our passion, it has a life of its own, it unfolds in ways we can't possibly understand or control. Let it unfold, let it play in our hearts, our minds, our spirits, in our life in all its aspects. Let people talk. Let them stare. Let them fuss and gossip. They are mundane and need to try to get you back into the mundane world if they can because it shakes the foundation of their mundane little thought patterns to see you doing something crazy and wonderful. It makes them question their own boring existance and tiresome ways. Some people will even hate you for it. If you are following your passion and faith and love, opposition will deepen the commitment. Jesus is the perfect example of total commitment to faith, passion and love. He believed and obeyed his Heavenly Father in faith, he responded totally to the passion God put in his heart and allowed it to actualize into the physical dimension as healing and saving love to all humankind no matter the ultimate consequence to himself, asking for nothing in return.

Negative space is the unrecognized form. It is beyond what we commonly see. The forms we commonly see are so obvious that they override the areas surrounding them. When we try to view something differently, when we ignore the obvious and focus on what we usually don't notice, it opens our right brain capabilities. We don't recognize the shape so we can't interpret it, categorize it and judge it. This opens new avenues of creative energy to manifest. For some reason, life is set up in a way that prevents most people ever getting past the obvious. It takes courage to step over the line. Initial effort is essential and most people settle for the easier, acceptable path. But once you've done it and have tasted the new dimension you're never the same. You know there is more, a veil has been lifted and you see brilliantly for the first time. Everything glows and sparkles and life is beautiful. You create unbeliveable art or poetry or love is so profound and sacred. For the first time you feel life to the very core of your being. This wonderful state of being doesn't stay unless you are true to your hearts call. The worthy don't turn back and fall once again into the mundane but keep going to win the prize. Ignorance, fear and insecurity, selfishness and conformity cause you to lose it. It will go away leaving you depressed and frustrated. Soon you forget how you got there. You remember the wonderfulness of it but you can't get it back. It is elusive and you search for something to match it in some small way but its no use. There is nothing that compares. All becomes dull and tiresome. You pray for another chance, another opportunity. Do we get a second chance?

You never get back what you had. It is all a process and once a step in the process is made, it is over. You can only take the next step. Even if you are stuck in the mundane, spinning your wheels for twenty years, when you finally break through again, it is to the next step, never back to the first one. The first step for me, was like a child discovering things so wondeful and just savoring and enjoying such exciting things. There were hard things too but instead of learning the lessons they brought for me, I ran from them. I saw them with my mundane eyes and tried to conquor my insecurities and fears by the normal routes and brought the mundane back down to totally encompass my world again. The trials and tribulations were worse than ever. Back in prison after a short breath of freedom. Where was the key to unlock the door again? I tried to find it in creativity, in prayer and spirituality and religion, in some form of romantic love, it all failed. I remembered with bitter-sweet nostalgia creek-wading and playing in the splashing rapids with my little daughter, fishing along the stream with my little son. Admiring the curling red roots along the banks and feeling the warm breeze of summer on my face. Cotton flying from the cottonwood trees and dragonflies. Magic everywhere. Diamonds sparkling in the water, rain and clouds and thunder and beauty all around.The moon outside my window at night sending glowing rays of light and bathing all in its wonder. I was in heaven. I couldn't keep my spirit inside my body. Even resting for a little while would send my spirit up to the ceiling or floating out the window. I had dreams and visions of eternity. Angels spoke to me, and fellowship with family and friends was so sweet. Then I let it slip away.

I cried to God with all my heart to save me from the death of the mundane world and He finally heard me. He sent me far away from home and my grown up children, to a place I never expected. He opened the door again but the next step was something I never would have expected or even dreamed was a possibility. No concept of it would have ever entered my mundane head. It is so insanely impossible that I can't even write about it. Maybe someday in the future but I am still going through it. It is too personal, intense and unbelievable to put in physical form by words spoken or written. ( That part of my learning process has been over for awhile now and change has occurred from all the events of that time and I just let it go as a necessary part of my spiritual and physical integration. Each of us has our own path and no one will go through exactly what I did, but each of us will get what we need. )

At this point I am searching my own heart for truth of what I am, what God wants me to express on this physical planet. Jesus showed us the way. It is living in faith, passion, love and commitment day by day. This is the only door that opens to heaven. Where is my passion right now? Am I trying to put passion somewhere it isn't or trying to shy away from somewhere it is because it doesn't allow me to comform to the mundane? I can't create passion or control it for my own mundane life. As I surrender to it's profound desire in me It creates love in me. Only when I, through faith in God, accept and respond to the passion in me and allow it to release this love that flows out and blesses, heals and waters all who are around me, only then will I know heaven again. Only this time it will be the next step. Not heaven like before but new aspects and dimensions, new experiences I never dreamed of will happen to me. I have walked in Heaven as a child in innocence and joy. I have walked in death and Hell as a sinner filled with shame and reproach. I have yet to walk on Earth in faith, surrendering and responding to my service and releasing love and healing with every breath.

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